We didn’t end up attending the electoral this week. We had to compromise this to go and shoot some footage for PB4. We have a hectic schedule of interviews.

First of all, today at 10.3oam we need to be at Classic Comics on Bourke Street to interview two men who were happy enough to answer our questions about the comic book industry and how they as a small business survive in distributing physical comic books. I think their answers were very interesting. I think it was a good idea getting the perspective of people who didn’t work directly with an industry but rather were impacted by them greatly.
We asked if they think comic books would survive in their physical form. I assumed they would say, in time they will become redundant. But instead, their answers were quite positive and even pointed out that comic books, and the comic book industry had been around longer than cinema and will continue to survive.

Our next interview was with Mark O’Toole in Fitzroy. This was the one I was most excited about. This was Eliza’s screenwriter contact and I was really interested in what he had to say for two reasons. First of all, I’m a fan of the shows that he’s written for such as Black Comedy and I think anyone who is behind the writing of that show is a genius. Secondly, because it is my aspiration to become a screenwriter and write comedy shows for an Australian audience. So interviewing someone who is quite literally living my dream was just amazing for me. In conducting the interview, I felt very privileged and I felt like I should have praised the Media 1 gods for giving me an opportunity to speak to such a spectacular person.

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