Project Brief 2

Written Reflection

I decided to narrate my media self-portrait, drawing together several media elements. I have projected a video of my friend Jen onto the wall, and also an image of the car accident that took her life. This is projected to provide a glimpse of the trauma that the accident has caused, and also to distance the audience from the content. I decided to use an array of still images to show my changing state of mind and used cross fade transitions to imply movement. These photographs are similar to the ones used in Project 1 brief.

The audio was edited from an interview that I took myself. I wanted to tell a clear story, and I recorded dialogue using a zoom recorder and shotgun mic. I then imported the sequence into Adobe Premiere and editing the audio. I also added some atmosphere sound that was recorded when we shot the film Mel and Rana on the weekend. For the written piece of text I filmed the title of the script that was filmed on the weekend. This is because you can see my name on the script, next to my partner’s name, Amitoze. This not only shows that we have worked on a creative project together it is an introduction to what we actually created.

I also used footage from the film to show how the story has developed. The main weakness of the portrait is that it only portrays a small part of myself. This is because I have chosen to weave together recent significant events in the form of a narrative. I failed to show the other elements of my personality. The strength of the project lies in the compromising narrative which ties together different elements of the story over different mediums.

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