Reflective Portfolio

Final Reflection

It is hard to believe that it is the end of the semester. It has been very interesting and the most challenging aspect I must admit has been maintaining the blog. It was easy to get into the habit of blogging at the start of the semester, however maintaining the blog posts did prove difficult as the assignments pilled up. I have enjoyed  expressing my opinion and reflecting on the creative processes involved in producing creative elements, and I find this aspect of the blogs to be most rewarding. I have learned a lot about how to set up and maintain a blog as well as manage images and embed links on a website. This will be most useful in the years to come as blogs are a cheap and fast way to express your opinion in this fast paced media word.

I have increased my production skills throughout the course. I filmed and photographed elements for my media portraits and was involved in designing a website, newspaper articles, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for the Project Brief 4. This has been a fantastic learning experience.

I have also enjoyed working in small groups to produce the Project Brief 4. We worked together to ensure the highest quality project. This involved coordinating meetings, liaising with any questions that we had and resolving problems that arose.

I thank Jasmine for her guidance throughout this semester and I hope that this reflection provides useful feedback for the course in the future.

Final Summary

I enjoyed  learning to analyse images and I have provided two examples of this in my curated post selection. The first post,  Women in Media, 8 March 2015, was one of the first blog posts I made and I have contrasted it with a post made in week 7 about Semiotics, 21 April 2015.

I have also used some technical skills in a practical project, as I was selected as a finalist in the HP ‘Bend the Rules’ short film pitching competition and was required to make a short film is just over two weeks. This is detailed in the post Sourcing Audio for Mel and Rana, 31 March 2015.

I have also also enjoyed learning about key concepts relating to media theory, including details about social distance and perspective as explored in the post Soundscapes, perspective and distance, 13 April 2015. The feedback sections of the class was useful and I have included my reflection on the feedback received from the post Project Brief 3 Reflections, 30 April 2015.

Please find my five blog posts and the learning graph below:

Learning Graph