Project Brief 3

Written Reflection

I believe that the effect of adding a vignette around the images for most of the reflection correctly demonstrates how the subject, Amitoze Nandha sees the world. The audio works well with the images, and in some cases the audio contradicts the images, such as when the subject talks about being from a traditional background. The end two shots, gives the viewer a sense of relief which only emphasises the experience of the subject. The hardest aspect of the production was selecting what interview footage to include in the project. The interview covered many other aspects of the subject, and in the end I aimed to focus on key points to give the viewer a sense of who this person is.

There was a lot of experimentation involved in creating the effect of the “flashes”. I undertook some tutorials in After Effects and was able to create the desired effect of the black and white flashes in consultation with the subject. I believe that learning how to mask and edit video footage in After Effects will be useful for future media projects.

I also researched several websites for stock photos, video and music. This process took some time and I viewed the disclaimers, and details of the licences to ensure that the desired permission was found. This will be incredibly helpful in my future career as any content created must have the correct copyright clearances if it is to be considered in most professional industry competitions.


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