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Another day another blog post.

The 5 blog posts I’ve linked to this post I believe best demonstrate my engagement with the course each for a different reason.


Constructive Criticism 

This post best demonstrates the way I approached group/class feedback on my creative endeavours. it also provides a snapshot into my creative process/mindset.



This was one of my favourite lectures because of the level of engagement, I really got something out of analysing the film “Ritual” and feel like the post shows evidence of my critical thinking during the lectorial when given the activity.


Advancements in technology, how far is too far?

One of my more thought provoking posts. This piece gives an insight to my opinion and views on evolving technologies. In the post, I feel like I went on a bit of a thought spiral where my ideas kept flowing and not necessarily in a logical fashion, but I believe this is why it is one of my better posts, because it shows my level of thinking and that I do have some really interesting views on the topic of media.


We never stop being an audience

This post is in my top five because of the media relevance I invested in my thoughts outside of uni. I talk about audience and how we never stop being one. Its not an original thought, but its relevance to my personal life at the time was strong enough for me to write about it …..



Electronic littering 

This post was one of my last and had me thinking about creative possibilities in terms of photography or video that I could address in future projects. I felt the question of whether or not ‘electronic littering’ is a bad thing, really thought provoking, and personally, I’ve never come across this topic before, so I was proud…

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