Trying to think about the best part of this course is difficult. I feel like I entered this course half-hearted, I am still that year 12 boy who had no idea what he wanted to do but thought he best choose something rather than nothing. I think having to approach this course with that uneasy mind set has been the most challenging aspect (psychologically more so), trying to draw motivation for the lectures and workshops by telling myself I’ll never know unless I try. It’s a really unfortunate head space to be in and it has definitely hindered my ability to fully enjoy the course. HOWEVER;

I feel like I’ve kept up with the briefs well enough, and I am very proud of the media artefacts I have produced. Especially KASEY, mainly because the only other time I’ve ever used premier is for year 12 art where I filmed one continuous shot with one continuous sound track in which required very little technical editing. So with that, I am so happy and so impressed with myself for having created something like that on my third attempt, (my second being brief 2). This brief in particular has made me very excited for the second semester where I can hopefully show off even more of my creative vision and I can not wait to be able to learn more in terms of editing software.

The best environment I feel I belong in/learn better in (after being in this course), is any environment where we talk creative. I noticed myself tuning out at parts of the lecture that was just talk (I wish I could be more specific but as I said, I tuned out), and noticed myself tuning in when we were focusing specifically on artistic pieces/media artefacts. For example, when we watched the videos for the narrative lecture titled “Ritual”, I absolutely loved analysing it, I was so engaged. Also the workshops where we watched each others creations and provided feedback.

I think I really doubt myself. Well, actually no, I KNOW I do, and it’s half the reason I procrastinate or put off creating things and carrying out my creative ideas. I use to do photography all the time but stopped because I always felt like everyone was better at it than myself and that I had no skill etc. But after watching the video I had filmed and created (both brief 2 and 3), it got me really inspired to literally shut up and create. It makes me happy and proud that I can produce things like that, even though they are not the best films from a first year media student, but thats the whole point of learning, its practice and acquiring new skills and I look forward to it next semester, especially now with the studios.IMAG0002

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05. June 2015 by jamesjenkin
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