Electronic littering

Something that crosses my mind every so often is the mark electronic mark I leave everywhere I go…..electronically.

I have this bank account I opened spontaneously but have never used, and every so often I’ll get that systematic email about the balance of the account. Obviously I ignore it and go about my day, but then i think about every other thing i’ve created but abandoned. Like all the e-mails i created, forgot the password to, then moved on to a new one. All the twitter accounts, myspace pages and youtube accounts that I’ve decided to just….well … leave behind me for what ever reason.

i mean, just this year I’ve created about three different vimeo accounts, two youtube accounts and who knows how many more is to come.

Is this a bad thing? Is this electronic litter? If the sites/accounts I have made were a place like CBD, the population would be 0 and the buildings would be boarded up, swarming with rats and in the far, far distance you can see the sites I am on not, juxtaposed with the ones I’ve left.

I guess its nothing to be too concerned about, but its interesting to note. I mean, I myself have so many, imagine how many there is collectively with a couple other people, couple hundred, couple thousand, the whole world (who have left their electronic mark). hmm…..

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02. June 2015 by jamesjenkin
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