Media Studio – Week 3

I’ve come up with two concepts

OpShop Culture
Exploring the growing culture among youth of buying from OpShops. Looking at the benefits and appeal of purchasing clothes and other items at OpShops as well as the sustainability of recycling items. Tour around various OpShops with people who shop their regularly and have developed a personal style from second hand items. Benefits of this project are easily accessible participants and a straightforward shooting plan

Toy Library
Highlight the importance and effect the local toy library has on kids and parents. The toy library provides a service and community for those in a lower socio-economic group as well as those with kids wanting to be part of a community. Interesting aspects of this documentary would be the effects this service has on both parents and children.

Personally I would prefer to do the OpShop culture one. It’s more simple and straightforward to film, requires less work in finding participants and developing an angle for their views and opinions. This isn’t about taking the easier route, I find that the idea that is clearer in my head usually results in a better outcome. However the Toy Library had a much better reception among the class so it looks like I’ll be taking that on.

We started looking at video essays. in my opinion the concept of what constitutes a video essay is vague. I’m not sure for the Toy Library project my video essay will consist of. Primarily I’m thinking the importance of toys and by extension the importance of the toy library has within the community.


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