Media Studio – Week 4

Making My Essay Film

Making the essay film was a complicated and unenjoyable experience. I think this largely comes from not entirely understanding the concept behind the essay film, try as a I might, and not particularly connecting to my subject. I tried to piece together something made with found footage, similar to the ones we’d been shown in class but it was pretty terrible.

I guess the process was to look at ways I could be investigating my subject but really I could have done that without making an essay film. The most beneficial aspect of it seems like a way to explain to others what i’m trying to make. By showing this to others you can explain how you’re going to go about looking into your subject and the approaches you’ll take, almost like an in-depth trailer of what’s to come.

Mine turned out terrible so hopefully that’s not a trailer of what’s to come.


RMIT student studying Bachelor of Communications Media. Focus on Cinema and video production.

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