Media Studio – Week 2

During the second class of the previous week we went out to do vox pops, collecting potential material for our documentary idea. As I still haven’t come up with and idea I’d like to pursue this wasn’t a particularly productive exercise for me. However it’s always nice getting outside to do something hands on.

This week there is still no progress on my idea development. After class discussion I considered basing my doco on the significance a certain space has for the people that utilise the space. Such as an popular skating area. Obviously not that specifically though because that’s basic and overdone.


Here’s a short video on the benefits of camels milk and people distributing it:

How is this relevant to me? It’s a simple concepts and something that wouldn’t otherwise have occurred to most people. Well executed and visually pleasing. Thats’ the kind of documentary I want to produce.

Presentations are this week so fingers crossed I actually come up with and idea I actually like.


RMIT student studying Bachelor of Communications Media. Focus on Cinema and video production.

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