Yesterday Clare and I came into the editing suites for a couple of hours to organise another shoot for the following morning and do a little editing. I concentrated on cutting the interview down to only the best bits. I made two different cuts: the first brought the initial 10 minutes down to four and a half minutes and the second down again to just below three minutes. The second cut will be shown in class next week as the interview rushes.

This morning we returned to the Queen Vic Markets because Ariel is going on a holiday later this week so it was our last chance to shoot with him. We only brought the DSLR and tripod as we had enough audio from our previous visit. The shoot went well and we weren’t there for very long but when we returned to the editing suites and uploaded the footage it all looked a little odd and no where near as aesthetically pleasing as the footage collected last week. While trying to figure out the problem and reupload the footage everything filmed last week got somehow got deleted….. We got one of the tech guys upstairs to come and have a look but he said if it was deleted from the media server it was gone. Instead of stressing out about it I tried to just quickly think of a solution as we had limited time. I messaged Ariel immediately to check what time he was going to be at the markets until. He was only going to be there until 2PM so I proposed that we hire some audio equiptment and go back to the market straight away to re-film what we had lost before Ariel went on his holiday. Luckily Ariel was very understanding and happy to give us a little more of his time. In a way it worked in our benefit because the market was far busier at that time of the day and we were able to shoot footage of him interacting with customers. Although it was all very stressful it was also a valuable learning experience in problem solving with a time limit. I’m pretty proud of how I reacted to the situation as I tend to be quite anxious and controlling- I don’t like it very much when things are out of my control but I suppose that drives me to get things back into my control when there is an issue. Once we returned to the editing suites we uploaded the new footage and made sure we backed everything up on Clare’s harddrive. For the rest of the afternoon I began going through the audio from the interview and thinking about how we could structure it. I put together arounf two minutes of a loose idea which I think will be good to go off of.


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