This morning Clare and I went to the Queen Victoria Markets to spend some time filming at Ariel’s Sweaters Australia for our documentary. We arrived at the markets bright and early so we could interview Ariel when it wasn’t too busy and we wouldn’t get in the way of business too much. I’m really happy with the way the interview went, Ariel is a very warm character and I think that shows in the footage. I collected the equipment yesterday and spent some time familiarising myself with it all which I’m glad I did because the audio equiptment in particular took me a little while to figure out and doing that in front of Ariel at the market would have taken up a lot of time and seemed unprofessional.

The interview itself only lasted around ten minutes, but we stuck around for about an hour to chat to Ariel and shoot some close ups of the jumpers and market shots. He let us know that he is going away next Thurday so we have organised to return on Tuesday to shoot a little more with Ariel while he is in Melbourne and any establishing shots around the city or the market can be done at a later date. I was a little worried that it would be too  dark this morning at the markets but the skylight right near the stall made for some really great lighting. I’m really pleased with the quality of the footage recorded today- the  Canon 5D Mark III was a great choice of camera and definitely worth the trouble of needing to sync up the audio in post production.

After finishing up at the markets we made our way to the editing suites to transfer all or our audio and video files onto the media server. We had a quick look through the footage and showed Rohan-he was very encouraging and watching the footage made me excited to start putting together the final product. The first editing task I had to complete was the syncing up of the audio and video files. There’s probably a better way to do it than the way I did but I just zoomed right in on the audio track and after moving it around managed to get synced up with the video. I then listened to the interview all the way through and placed markers where all of the questions asked, something Rohan suggested we do so too much time isn’t wasted trying to locate particular sections. By this time I was pretty worn out after an early morning and decided to call it a day, but the next step i production will be to plan out any shots we need to get with Ariel and to cut our interview down to rushes.



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