The Informal Media Economy

This article explores the state of labour in creative streams of work, through the field of informal employment in the media industry. As stated very early in the chapter “there is a lot of money to be made in this line of work”, however the process of working within these fields can be unglamorous. It comprises of unpaid work for extremely long hours, and to many workers the boundaries between flexibility and exploitation is blurry.

Delving into this creative labour debate what is being presented is that most employees choose to operate in a non-formal manner. Trading in office cubicles for the opportunity to work from home, offers an individual a level of freedom, with their main business assets are their creative skills. It is an environment where work and private life merges. This notion has been heavily rebutted, insisting that informality in the media worlds leads to unemployment, harsh work environment, low-payments and exploitation.

Even though the text provides examples of employees who have had those sorts of experiences, it also shares the limitations of the argument. While the labour argument presented by critics have unfolded many unattractive areas in the media industry they have overlooked the creative workers who operate outside of the creative industries. Many of these workers that work in the financial sector, for example, have managed to escape the downsides associated with the media industry, where as many workers in fields such as agriculture are loosing jobs as their fields evolve and requirements change.

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