Minds Viewed Globally

Week 6- Blog

In Minds Viewed Globally Howard Garner presents his knowledge and experience as a psychologist and postulates five mindsets the human mind must adhere to in order for us to prepare for the changes the world is stepping into. These mindsets are as follows:

1) Disciplined Mind- a mind that has mastered a particular craft or science with a deep understanding and growing skill set.

2) Synthesizing Mind- a mind that has the ability extrapolate information from multiple sources and uniting the ideas in an organic manner that would present the information’s in a well-communicated manner.

3) Creating Mind- a mind that is able to formulate and inject fresh ideas and make new discoveries.

4) Respectful Mind- a mind that is aware and understanding of the notions presented by another party and being able to collaborate and attempt to understand the view point of the other person.

5) Ethical Mind- this mind is one that is associated with work and is projected as one that should cause individuals not act simply for self-benefits but rather with the motivations to improve the state around them as a worker and a citizen.

He proceeds in this chapter by exploring how these five mindsets can be present in other areas; education, science and globalization. And how these institutions are able and unable to develop these mindsets most importantly stating why these mindsets are required for future employees.

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