Transmedia technology: annotated bibliography

Alderman N 2013, ‘How Interactive Technology is Transforming Storytelling’, Culture Professional Network,, viewed 2nd August 2016:

With the new media age the belief that the traditional mode stories will become obsolete has emerged. While this maybe so the art of storytelling is one that will never leave the human culture, as it has been a part of our history since the beginning of time. What we are seeing now is new technologies affecting the process and the delivery of content to the audience. From these technologies three developments have been added to the storytelling experience:

1. Immersion
2. Representing Choice
3. Audience participation

Gurel E and Tigil O 2014, ‘New World Created by Social Media: Transmedia Storytelling’, Journal Media Critiques, p36-65,, viewed 2nd August 2016:

This text provides a detailed definition to the term trans-media storytelling. What we know as trans-media is that it is telling stories using a variety of platforms, however that is the basic definition. This article examines the nature of trans-media, its relationship to the outside world as well as its significance as communication and marketing tool. In order to provide us with the details the authors of this text, examine the history of trans-media from its early inception and evolution in the modern day. It provides examples of transmedia stories from 1955-2008, and also establishes a connection between trans-media and the culture of convergence.

Further on the piece includes the process of making a trans-media project and creating an expansive world for which characters and the audience inhabits, and giving context as to how creators use different platforms in ways to design the experience. Meaning that trans-media generally is a space that leaves blanks that can only be filled with consuming the entirety of the brand and its various platforms.

Schmid B and Socha B 2014, ‘What Is New Media?’ New Media Institute,, viewed 2nd August 2016.

The journal article ‘New World Created by Social Media: Trans-media Storytelling’ explores the concept of trans-media by breaking down

Weiler L 2015, ‘How Storytelling Has Changed In The Digital Age, World Economic Forum,, viewed 2nd August 2016

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