Week 5

During my time studying and attempting to find my way in the media industry I found this week’s reading to be extremely relevant to my current situation. The need to constantly feel connected and to multi-task appear to be a pre-requisite for any creative industry. Approachable and accessibility are now synonymous with multi-tasking, so I can try and focus on as many projects as possible, without one appearing to fall by the wayside.

The generational gap was to me the most interesting aspect of this weeks reading as none of these traits feel like things that I learned or developed over time, but things that just always have been. Although I never felt like I learned to multi task or stay interconnected, ensuring that I can access my emails or social media at all times just feel like the norm. I’m far too aware of the pitfalls and anxiety that come with this trend, however, I feel it is not something that appears is going to change, but rather is a personal challenge to manage your time and ensure a greater sense of “Mindfullness” to avoid being having your sense of time and busyness warped by the technological change.

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