Week 6

As what could be my final reading of my formal university education, I felt somewhat ambivalent in reading emerging trends in education and the necessity for different ‘minds’ to ensure survival in a not too distant future. I very much enjoyed the concept of alternative forms of education and beginning to educate in school to think scientifically or at least adopt different methods to engage them in their learning, to ensure the ultimate level of understanding.

(It is not without a great sense of irony that I understand the presence of a weekly reading & reflection has been an alternative form of education and understanding, however, unfortunately I do not loathe them any less. Sorry!)

The 5 minds of thinking that Gardener asserts we must cultivate to ensure the future leaders/managers of tomorrow can guide us into through an ever changing world of globalization is an theoretically interesting one. I agree with all the ideas and minds that we must possess in order to be a successful, if not beloved, manager or leader. How we go about teaching and nuturing these minds is something I share Gardeners concern’s and have little faith in changing any time soon.

It has reminded me of the appreciate I have for RMIT’s and in particular Media at RMIT’s alternative form of education and abstract thinking. Great last reading to finish on providing it doesn’t lead to an existential crisis of what to do now that there are no more readings left.

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