This week I borrowed a camera and walked around the city attempting to capture the right kind of “gloomy Melbourne” shots to accompany something Ariel says in his interview: “It’s typical in Melbourne for people to wear a lot of blacks… dull look colours”.  I hung around the city after class and shot during and just after sun set. The footage turned out OK, but I definitely could have done better. It was around 37C while I was shooting however so I was rushing and didn’t apply Rohan’s very valuable tip: 10 second cutaways. Rohan was pressed the importance of allowing your camera to sit on one place/person/thing for at least 10 seconds. I applied this rule to come shots but not all and it’s a shame because some of the best shots I got were the ones I didn’t hang on for long enough.

Today we showed Rohan our interview rushes and he gave us some great feedback: let go of everything (visuals, style etc) and focus solely on what Ariel is saying. The structure is the most important element of a documentary–the content and creating a narrative is what drives the visual flow.

With Rohan we finalised the interview structure:

  1. Ariel talking about Melbourne being grey & the importance of colour
  2. Ariel introducing himself & his history with the markets
  3. What makes Coogi Jumpers special
  4. Reflection on how they used to sell and looking forward hoping to continue

I think this will help us immensely in getting our documentary finished in an organised and systematic fashion.

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