This week the focus is on refinement and colour grading. I am quite novice when it comes to grading and Haylee feels the same so we worked together in adjusting the colour of particular shots to meet others. I don’t feel that our original (first shoot) footage needs adjusting, aside from a contrast or brightness tweak here and there. We certainly need to match the duller, flatter images we captured of Ariel standing in the market stall–they do not match our richer images at all. In order to achieve better continuity we adjusted the saturation and the contrast until we felt it matched the other shots.

I also worked out a way to make the colour saturation change gradually in a particular shot which we applied to the first close up of Ariel to reiterate our central theme of the Coogi Man bringing colour to Melbourne (suggested by Rohan).

We decided to leave the final edit and upload for Monday, the day before the due date. This way we can approach the final adjustments with a fresh perspective.

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