This week Haylee and I concentrated solely on fine tuning the edit.

We were fortunate enough to receive great feedback on our rough draft from Cindy, an industry-grade editor.

Cindy’s main feedback was:

  • When Ariel introduces himself see him say his name then cut to the wider shot of him so he isn’t looking offscreen so much
  • Drop two of the shots of his money belt and holding the mobile phone
  • Weave the music in and out a little more so there is less of it
  • Replace some of the cutaways at the end to more relevant images (perhaps architecture or nature around Melbourne that are similar to the designs of the jumpers)

We spent the morning focusing on these points and found a huge improvement. Though we improved the edit tenfold when Rohan came in and watched the edit again and told us to be ruthless and cut out a bunch of sections in between Ariel talking we thought we needed but realised after cutting them out they were unnecessarily. Trimming the fat on edits is such a valuable step in refining a video/film. We are lucky to have Rohan around to encourage us to do so. And it’s a reminded of how important it is to allow other parties to suggest edits to a project you are too close to to recognise.

Culling phrases that diluted the meaning of what Ariel was saying and adding extra joining words to complete Ariel’s sentences made the edit more cohesive and logical. By the end of the day we were quite satisfied with our draft, though we will continue to fine tune it in Thursday’s class.


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