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Social networking is making us lose our manners! I happen to read this article in newspaper and the topic somehow matched my short film so I think why not talk about it more a little. Well, texting during a coffee catch up or Instagram-ing over a beer. And also I think that one of the problem it’s the feelings of being fear of missing out? We tend to want or need to connected to our Instagram and emails 24-7 and apparently there’s a new phobia like we are more afraid of losing our mobile phones than losing our wallet! I think people nowadays should bring awareness over this issue, this thought came into my mind when I was having a little catch with my friend last friday,  reasons are listed as below.



  1. Retouch the photo – Everyone wants a perfect body, Instagram special square print format, so you can cut more bad parts of their body, just put the crop after the photos, so we think your body well.
  2. Build their own little kingdom Instagram – They can post whatever and whenever they like.
  3. Living a good life. – Let everyone know that you are doing very well by posting eating good food, wearing nice clothes, carry branded goods or even attending various parties. For example, fashion show.
  4. ‘Like’ button are very important. – They constantly check the phone notifications by seeing how many likes they gaining. Double digit is good but of cause three digit of the ‘likes’ is better.
  5. Angle are very important too. – In order to get the perfect photo, they will try a lot of angles, took dozens of photos, but only choose the best one to upload.



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