Reflection on Week 10

We had three different cameras in today’s class exercise, DSLR, Sony EX3 and Sony Z7. We had to focus on the same subject but each one us had different focal length.Z7 was on 25MM, DSLR was about 80MM and EX3 was on 20MM. I do know using Sony EX3 is more professional and high definition outcome, but I personally prefer to use DSLR to do my shooting because it is small and easier to carry every where for such small and skinny girl like me. Meanwhile, I also learnt about is that every DSLR gives you the ability to change your focus points to ensure that what it is you want in focus is nice and sharp. A camera‚Äôs auto-focus system intelligently adjusts the camera lens to obtain focus on the subject, and can mean the difference between a sharp photo and a missed opportunity.

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