project brief #3 thoughts

I am thoroughly looking forward to our latest project brief, where we are asked to create a self-portrait about somebody we know. Perhaps the reason I am so excited is the fact that I can expand beyond myself, to workout how to best describe someone else, this, to me, feels far less intimidating than the other two project briefs. The person I have chosen to explore is my long-time friend Jes. The reason I have chosen to explore her life is mainly due to the fact she has seen, done and experienced so much in her 20 years that there is so much I can go off on, hopefully not too much.

One idea I would like to explore is setting this video within a horror setting. The reason being Jes is truly fascinated by horror films, particularly the idea of vampires, something I hope to explore. One thing I am slightly worried about when presenting this project is that I don’t do her justice, and that I’ll focus too much on the superficial, something I was guilty of in my other two projects, however the ideas I’ve had are anything but shallow, however, this gives me another headache: how open should I be? There are things about myself that I would dread someone discussing, mainly insecurities, yet they do form a large part of who I am and why I am the way I am. I have discussed how open I could be and she has very bravely said, ‘do anything’. Whilst this shows her character as well as any video could, it is still a concern. I will vow to make sure she is comfortable in what I say before I show or submit anything.

I have chosen to be far more abstract and artistic in this project brief, the constraints are hardly limiting; which is both intimidating and exciting. I will rely strongly on visuals to illustrate my points, as it is an appropriate time to expand beyond my comfort zone: text. I hope I will learn how to but my ideas in a media form; so I imagine this will be challenging and enlightening, it is very exciting.


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