March 2016 archive


Our group has decided to start by creating some example footage of what we wish to show in our final found footage film. In this we would like to demonstrate the editing style we would like to exhibit whilst also demonstrating the type of footage we wish to source. I wish to create a video that highlights the clear dichotomy between Apple’s advertising (what they wish us to see) and the impact that this form of production can have on the world at large — particularly the production companies in China. These will be rough examples but will help to cement what we actually wish to exhibit in our final film. I believe the film has shown the contrast between what apple wants to show and what they don’t, but I do believe these contrasts are, at times, a little obvious.




– Feminism


– racism

– Workers rights (fashion industry, pay)

– homeless



  • homeless people
  • asylum seekers
  • school/institution
  • mental health


  • news
  • capitalism
  • Apple (planned obsolescence)
  • consumerism
  • politics
  • police/PSO/ticket
  • celebrity/cultural influence
  • safe schools


  • privacy (government policies)
  • social media
  • drugs
  • gay marriage
  • lock out (Sydney)
  • education
  • piracy
  • fashion (local design, fast fashion)
  • opp shop
  • local

the hungry beast




3 minute documentaries…

Social studio

Our group hopes that the first film can consist of clothing being produced at the ‘Social Studio’ in Brunswick. The Social Studio creates clothing at the store as a form of creative expression and exhibition. Using close ups of various components of construction we believe we can exhibit the unique and intricate nature of the ‘Social Studio’s’ production. Accompanying this with atmospheric footage of both the store and it’s surroundings we believe we can illustrate the quintessentially ‘local’ element of this production studio. While editing we believe it could be interesting to perhaps slow the footage down at certain times to further emphasise this nature of production. We also believe the documentary should have a soft and relaxing element to the aesthetic as to not clash with the calming nature of the production itself. The social studio footage will be filmed using a hand-held camera as will suit the artistic and relaxed quality of the social studio.


In this video our group hope to illustrate the global and cultural impact of Apple production. Conceptually and technically our group believes this would create an aesthetic antithesis to the Social Studio video. We believe by putting these two films side by side we can demonstrate the polarised nature of these productions along with the effect they have on their community or the world. Apple, unlike the social studio has a pre-prescribed image and aesthetic: modern, sleek and chrome are some words that come to mind when we consider Apple. We would like to capture this quintessential Apple aesthetic  within our 3 minute video by using found footage of apple releases, advertisements and other media. We would also like to  contrast these images with ones like the news report we witnessed to illustrate how Apple is a world-wide production and how this can have both a negative and positive effects. To be able to illustrate all this within 3 minutes, our footage will inevitably come across in a relatively rapid manner, whilst this form of editing may sit at odds with Apple’s sleek quality we believe it’ll show the rapid nature of the companies expansion and perhaps give a less ‘Apple’ view of the company.