May 2016 archive


To be fluid is to be unfixed or malleable. Fluidity denotes something of indiscriminate form that is both changeable and adaptable by external influence. Our group thereby believes gender fluidity or neutrality should be defined by these same constructs, or, lack of constructs. Understanding and comprehension of gender fluidity are the most pertinent matters to address within this documentary as this often seems to be most individuals’ issue. Whilst this is a highly political idea, our focus will be on poetics and symbolism; intending to remind our audience of their pre-held understanding of fluidity and then apply this to the concept of gender. By projecting what we and others perceive as inherently neutral or fluid coupled with varying shots of personal accounts and anecdotes our group believes we can both educate individuals on gender fluidity, but also illustrate how this less of an abstract idea than they may have initially thought. Aesthetically, our group intends to illustrate our contention through fluid and flowing shots, nonliteral imagery and voiceover with a harmonised or androgynous music score.