Reflective portfolio #3

Before our lectorial I didn’t have a great understanding of the copyright laws in Australia, something fairly obvious by what I submitted in my first project brief. Copyright laws are something that will obviously become integral to our careers in media, and getting some insight in the lectorial was very beneficial. One point I found practically interesting was determining if something was substantially similar to an existing work, particularly in modern-day society, where it is said that no one can truly think of an original idea. The copyright laws pertaining to music were of interest to me, I really had no concept of what was allowed or not, especially considering applications and websites like YouTube and Sound-Cloud make listening to music for free very easy. After being edified on the copyright laws I returned to my project brief and rectified where I was in breach, and am able to take such insight with me to my next project brief.

The second part of lecture was about Exploring the Unknown with Kyla Brettle. I found Kyla’s presentation very interesting and captivating, and helped me understand the necessity of going beyond complacency and pushing my comfort levels. I have always felt at sometime during my course I would love to travel and explore places all around the world, something Kyla’s presentation only further enshrined. Her radio shorts were very fascinating. Radio has always been something I would be interesting to pursue post-university and the fact that it has given her the opportunity to explore the globe and offer life-changing opportunities was of profound interesting to me.

The final part of the lectorial was with Paul Richard, who, through way of antidotes, demonstrated the need for organisation and preparation before endeavouring to do any projects. For someone who is intrinsically disorganised, this is something I may have to add to my ‘dear future self’ list. During my ‘self-portrait brief’ I experienced a case of ‘that’s not going to work’, when an idea to film my cat simply wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped; due to poor organisation, I had no ‘plan B’, something I will implement with my upcoming project brief – hopefully.




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