OVE Project 2, Sketch 4


For this sketch I’ve decided to experiment with how music changes how a vine is potrayed.

In this sketch I’ve placed music track over the original footage to see how it would affect the structure. Thankfully the music was provided freely iMovie. Rather than exploring how I can apply this to a Vine-like structure, I decided to see how music affects the footage.

First of all, the choice of music I made falls into an “action” sound effect as do many other action movie when running away from baddies, they play similar sounding music in them I believe this is because the music is fast tempo, general that really work well with the sudden change in content within the video. I’ve also learned that in order for a video like this to really work, you’ll need as much time as you can get which doesn’t really I find doesn’t really seem appropriate for a Vine. The reason for this is because footage like this takes time to build up so as to make a larger impact.


Music was taken from the playlist iMovie provides.

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