New found appreciation for the internet

You’d think having four wisdom teeth out at once would be an awful experience?

For the most part, you’d be correct.

Last Friday I was lucky enough to have four impacted chompers extracted in hospital (also very appreciative of anaesthetics). It wasn’t the surgery that had me concerned, it was the week that followed that stressed me out.

The surgeon had stressed time and time again that I was to spend a week minimum at home resting in order to recover and avoid infection or damaging stitches. A week?! One day inside makes me insane. How was I meant to endure a week?!?!

It wasn’t until I had an intense light-bulb moment in which I grasped the full potential the internet could offer me during this week of inevitable cabin fever. Gone are the days of isolation and being cut off from my social life!

With the power of social media I’ve been able to keep up to date with group assignments for uni, keep in touch with all of my friends, (almost) feel a part of a group outing celebrating a pal’s birthday through picture messaging and annoy my mum with countless videos of cute cats.Not only this, but I’ve been able to (legally) download tonnes of movies and TV shows to entertain myself.

There’s hardly been a moment of boredom! 20 years ago this would never be possible. In the spare seconds in between my various modes of entertainment, I’ve come to appreciate the internet so much more than I could have ever imagined. A week resting in bed has been bearable, and at times enjoyable!

But the diet consisting of nothing but mush has been anything but good…

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