Symposium week 8

What stuck with me most from this hour of discussion was the opening topic of online media, in that everything now works around the internet and online accessibility. Gone are the days of analogue mediums, i.e. photography and Kodak.

On a totally different note, the issue of technology neutrality was bizarre (the hammer example was a strange demonstration of why technology isn’t neutral) yet Adrian’s theory that technologies can be used for a variety of ways yet have some uses that are much better than others (i.e. using a hammer to build, as opposed to using a hammer to eat for dinner). This started a wild train of thought in my mind as I explored this idea of different ways we could experiment with technology and use things differently to what we traditionally believed. As an extension of that, I wanted to further explore the many uses of the internet, and within these uses there are even more uses. More than any other technology, the internet is endless.

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