Nude photo hacking scandal

I know I’m late to the bandwagon, but as previously noted I was a little preoccupied having teeth removed from my face (and binging on Game of Thrones).

This new scandal among a vast history of similar issues terrifies me to my very core. Aside from the fact that I’m not a celebrity nor do I have any nude photos out on the big bad internet, this scandal really drives home the message of just how unsecure the internet can be! The fact that a total stranger could hack on to the iCloud account of the countless famous female who were attacked and access their private information is frightening. What else could they have accessed on those accounts?

In my home this scandal has been a huge point of discussion among my family. My mum’s used it as a means of teaching my younger sister how important it is to consider every piece of information (be it a photo, message, video, etc) you put online and that it may very well be seen by anyone in the future. My 17 year old brother has taken this as an opportunity to be an arrogant bad human and blame the celebrities for taking the photos in the first place. Me personally, I’ve been busy freaking out about the lack of privacy we have on the internet.

I guess in summary it’s just a huge learning experience for all of those using the internet for any personal means, because nothing is ever really secure and safe from the eyes of strangers!

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