Mia Simmons – Instagram posts and promotional content

Due to my interest in social media coordinating and experience in Instagram promotional content, I chose the role of handling MOFF’s Instagram along with Prada and Layla. Before the “soft-launch” of our festival on social media, we made sure to have a clear and concise plan of what our Instagram would look like in terms of representing the ethos of MOFF and ensuring our page had an appealing aesthetic that was engaging and unique to MOFF. We made sure to emphasise the colour red throughout our Instagram posts working collaboratively with the design team to create posts that were not only eye-catching on people’s feeds but represented our ethos and the eccentric nature of our Festival. Looking at other film festivals Instagrams was an essential tool in terms of influencing our accounts layout on what to post and the construction of our grid. We structured our page following the 3-grid line, ensuring each line was consistent and had its own exclusive theme, however, still adhered with the overall colour scheme of the festival. Over the course of the 2 nights of our festival it was integral we kept the formation of our grid intact which made it challenging when having to quickly whip up posts informing our audience on technical difficulties and other updates. Although, we still managed to conform to our concise Instagram structure and format despite these obstacles!

We made sure to do in-depth research into how to build a following on Instagram which led us to utilising the “business” Instagram feature which allowed us to create promotional content and ads to grow our reach and engagement which further increased our chances of a greater following and thus a wider audience! Our professional dashboard reveals that we have reached over 24.6K accounts in the last 30 days with 2,991 content interactions. We created 3 promotional posts which gave us an estimated reach of over 3,000 accounts. Our top post “MOFF IS FREE” reached over 19K accounts which in turn have us a bonus 36 followers. Overall, the MOFF Instagram account reached 394 followers with a total of 1,887 likes from 63 posts.

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