Aubree Maranan – Logo


The logo was the first design piece I had created for MOFF and set the visual tone for the rest of MOFF’s visual identity. Early on in the studio, the class collectively decided on a moth as our motif after landing on a name for out film festival. With its play on our name, MOFF, and the idea that a moth is also ‘overlooked’ in regards to its butterfly counterpart, the class thought it would be best suited. 


To achieve the logo, I drew the moth with a black marker which I then scanned and created a digital copy through illustrator. The sketchy style denotes the gritty, underground themes that are associated with MOFF’s ideas of being overlooked and challenging the mainstream. I opted for the moth to be simply black so it could be used for both professional and informal documents. This meant that it could be used as a .png image on its own for more professional documents, and that it also didn’t clash with any other colours or designs when used in other places. The background of the logo was developed by manipulating a film picture I had developed a while back which had light leaks from opening the camera prematurely. While unhappy about the developed images in the beginning, I’m happy it has been put to good use now. Editing the colours to appear more vibrant, I settled on an eye-grabbing red and yellow colour palette. The red also relates to the initial conversations of gore and exploitation films that the film festival centred around; namely our screened feature film, Body Melt. Additionally, I layered a gain overlay to create a gritty texture and further enhance ideas of MOFF’s alternative values. 


Creating a black motif with a coloured background worked out well as it allowed the design team to make iterations of the logo in different formats so it didn’t look repetitive, but still distinctly MOFF. This can be seen in the program booklet front page where there is a black background but the red and yellow pattern is still conveyed through the moth. This can also be seen with the red and yellow background also being used as the background of the film title cards used in the festival, and the social media banners and posts. 


Although there are some things I wish I could tweak looking at it now, I’m happy with what I was able to come up with in an emergence of needing to soft launch and create an identity for MOFF.

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