When Suzanne browses through a family photo album, she can’t help noticing that most of her female relatives have now passed away. 10 years ago Suzanne was first diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease which killed her sister, mother and grandmother. Carrying a breast cancer gene, Suzanne never anticipated that she would be the sole survivor of cancer in her family. This 5 minute documentary sees Suzanne recall her personal journey battling cancer and highlights the genetic testing currently used to identify those at risk of contracting breast cancer.


Directed by Ben Ronec

Cinematography and Audio Recording by Ben Ronec

Editing by Cormack Pratt and Ben Ronec

Audio Mixing by Cormack Pratt

Studio Instructor – Rohan Sprong

This work was created as part of the Real to Reel studio, School of Media and Communication, RMIT 2021.

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