Salvage from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Jo Press had always believed that the Hard Rubbish she saw on the sides of the road was recycled and rehomed, until on a daily walk she witnessed perfectly good furniture being crushed on the spot for landfill. Horrified, she set up a Facebook group to save more items from this fate, and in only 24 hours had established a community already in the thousands – The Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes. This passionate group share their items to find them a second home, the locations of bountiful curb-sides, as well as tips and tricks for upcycling and inspiring examples of their own handiwork. Every year less than a quarter of Victoria’s 105,000 tons of hard waste is recycled – in a time of climate emergency, SALVAGE is an important 5 minute documentary short that celebrates local community heroes and their grassroots action to promote sustainability and waste-reduction. 

Production Credits:


A film by Emmanuelle Mattana

Additional Cinematography Madi Southorn

Sound Recording Jacob Agius & Bridget Bourke

Composer Owen Kelly



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