Preserving The Gallery


As a fine artist, Caroline Fry never thought that she would be responsible for fixing other peoples painting. As an Art Conservationist, Penny employs some of her practical painting skills to fix and safeguard historical art treasures. In an art conservation organisation, housed at Grimwade Conservation Services, Penny regularly handed artefacts that are many centuries. PRESERVING THE GALLERY is a short 5 minute documentary that outlines the importance of art preservation for the future and why many choose to forgo a contemporary career in order to paint the past



A film by

Simon Tran


Caroline Fry



‘Sir Redmon Barry’, George Folingsby, The University of Melbourne Collection

‘Mysterious Lady’, Private Collector




Composed by Steven Oxen

‘ (Dreams)

Composed by Amacha Music


Composed by Steve Oxen


‘Writing Slow With A Marker Sound Effect’

With thanks to 

Paul Ritchard and Alan Nguyen

Penny Tripp

Grimwade Conservation Services


Supervising Producer

Rohan Spong


Created as part of 

Real to Reel studio

School of Media and Communication



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