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My screenplay is set in 2040 at a funeral where our main protagonist, ‘Aiden’, is grieving the loss of his recently deceased wife ‘Sophie’. At the age of 40, Aiden is quite young to be left alone in life with his life partner. From here, the story details Aiden’s recounts of his life with Sophie and their friends 20 years prior when they were all in their happy 20s. The screenplay follows the classical conventions of the sitcom genre, employing tropes and gages similarly displayed within that genre. 

Linking to my research focus for this semester, I explored the relation between comedy and pathos/emotion within contemporary comedy television (more specifically the sitcom genre). As the sitcom genre is known for having a large fan base and following, I wanted to explore how the relationship between production and audience is achieved. Specifically, how sitcoms utilise pathos evoking emotion in their audience to create a deeper attachment to the show.

My research followed me in exploring scene analysis from an array of sitcom shows (anything from ‘Friends’ to the classic ‘Cheers) and analyse the production size of how an emotional response was crafted within these scenes. I also analysed the impact it made on the audience viewing these scenes and furthermore influenced my screen practice work.

In terms of my research to my broader topic, I looked at and explored academic sources, news article, opinion pieces, to develop a deeper understanding of my topic. What I discovered was the different type of responses emotional media can cause, how they can be created, and how it positions viewers.

In my creative journey, I felt impacted on our lectures about the idea of positioning the audience. Allowing room for interpretation and own emotions within the screen work. Through my discussions with our tutor, I aimed to nail down on creating screen work through real-life experiences and emotions. Working specifically on dialogue in my screenplay work.

My idea for my screenplay came through investigating different sitcoms and identifying the tropes and stories often displayed within the genre. Things like a group bar setting reflection the characters early ’20s was a classic sitcom convention which I employed. I also wanted to break some of the sitcom tropes, like positon the 2040 scenes to feel more like a linear drama that doesn’t “reset to normality” like a classic sitcom. Instead, my 20 years earlier scenes would play out in similar sitcom conventions whilst being juxtaposed to the 2040 scenes. Hopefully positioning the audience with a bit of a ‘wow’ factor. Making them enjoying the light-hearted comedy for the past scenes an extra bit more as they see the dark reality coming.

I found the most enjoyable part of my working was delving into the genre and screen work and just going ahead with creating something new and exciting.

– Matthew Sabato

rmitmediastudent • October 19, 2020

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