Screen Art and Film Workshop

Fight for it – ZhuoHui Chen

Hello everyone, the theme of my Screen Project 2 is inspirational to short movies.By painting on the electric light board with sand to present the story I want to tell.Sand art is a very special expression.The light makes the sand very attractive.The irregular and zigzag lines reveal the nature and unique beauty of sand.I tried…

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Love Note

Link to SP2: Love Note – First 10 Pages My screenplay is set in 2040 at a funeral where our main protagonist, ‘Aiden’, is grieving the loss of his recently deceased wife ‘Sophie’. At the age of 40, Aiden is quite young to be left alone in life with his life partner. From here, the…

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Surroundings Surreal, rhythmic, magical and impromptu. My experimental montage film strives to radiate these qualities by exploring whether its possible to achieve abstract expressionism through the moving picture, when it is typically an art movement employed by painters. By adapting the technique of solarisation (the act of reversing visual tone) to suit digital technology, I…

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SPACE STATION by Cassie Nikoloska

Link to SP2: SPACE STATION (Script) My screenplay, set in 1996 at Bells Beach, tells the story of a girl named Orion who travels to the astral plane one night with her friend, Courtney, and things become disastrous when a sinister and mysterious phenomenon taints the minds of the people who visit. It is a cosmic…

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