Screen Art and Film Workshop


Experiment. Screen. Sensation.

Screen Art and Film Workshop


Create a dynamic and provocative moving image art work or film. We will be investigating the nexus between creative work and research productivity.


The central aim of this studio is to explore the process that guides what you want to produce for the screen and why. This motivation could be connected to an object, a location, a character, a message, a worldview or simply an emotion. As a creative practitioner you need to be able to voice your inspiration and direction. You need to be able to pitch and promote your work and ideas. This is essential for professional development and the collaborative process. We will be on the lookout for the random connections and surprising revelations that breathe life into our creative endeavours.

Our method is to engage in an ongoing process of drafting and development. There were multiple tasks, prompts and outcomes across the semester. The work was essentially practical but underpinned with theoretical and historical research and reflective writing. We created a range of short experimental films throughout the semester.

If we can develop a deep understanding of our own original cinematic and artistic intentions, methods and practices we can be clear about who we are and where we are going as creatives in the film, tv, media and art industries.

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