Week 6

Easter break is over and we are springing into action. Lame puns aside, I’m pretty sure we’re pitching rough ideas for our Brief 3, 4a, and 4b this week. Hornstein’s book on “Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place” has been a topic for us to consider in our attempt to represent eitherĀ the Old Magistrates’ Court or Storey Hall. She asks us what happens to a memory once the site it was a created is destroyed.

What does happen to it? The story becomes warped by the wear of time, word of mouth slightly chipping away at the original. ThereĀ is only so much documentation of the original buildings that is accessible to us, so we’ll have to work extra hard to find photographs and articles. What’s there of it has really helped us form an image of how the two buildings once existed.

Police Court


How does this photo remind you of a bygone era?

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