Building 16

Building 16 (Storey Hall) 

Originally built by the Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit Society in 1887, the building which is now known as Storey Hall, located on the Swanston Street campus of RMIT, has lived multiple lives.

Most notably this includes being the site for women’s social and political protest, where schedules meetings and rallies took place. Not only this, but the hall also saw crowds gather to witness Clarence Weber wrestle Alex Bain and defeat him in the shortest time on record. After it’s remodelling in 1995, the powerful purple and green theme of the building are a homage to the hall’s former life of feminist debate and Catholic activism.

Containing a 750-seat auditorium, conference centre, lecture theatre, seminar rooms, art gallery and café, Storey Hall is a remarkable architectural advertisement and achievement for RMIT University.

Storey Hall Feast RMIT University Archives Image Collection


Hibernian Hall RMIT University Archives Image Collection

  GeorgeLinhMarcus, and Rebecca have based their work on Building 16.

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