Annotated run sheet – Demo 1


THEME MUSIC .30 .30 Transition could be smoother
INTRODUCTION You are with Andrea on  RWAV RRR, back-announce last show, mention interview guests and some songs that are lined up. 2.00 1.30 The introduction seemed slightly dragged out, but will be improved with a more refined run sheet and confidence presenting.
SONG Void – Corin

Melbourne electronic musician – Nov 2016 Wondercore Island

3.18 3.18
STING .30 .30 Long pause- due to lack of preparation. No countdown behind the scenes between the song and the sting.
INTERVIEW Back-announce song, Intro interview with —. Brief intro of Media Comms course – mention studio and overview of subject


Where/ When/ What

5.00 Lack of communication between hosts and tech
SONG HOOD TEAM VARIOUS ASSES 3.11 Back announced wrong song due to unupdated run sheet. Interview was down as 11.
INTERVIEW INTERNSHIP 6.30 11.15 Much better transition between song and talking.
SONG The Drift by The East Pointers CD2

Back-announce song – Canadian Trio have done several tours in aus. Touring now until end of april QLD & NSW

6.07 Need to consider fading in the song slowly while host still talks to avoid the pause between talking and the song itself.
STING .30 Long pause
Up to 27 min
INTERVIEW Back announce songs and details, interview with … and … in regards to what they intend to do with their feature piece and who they wish to interview.

Do you local parks in suburb?

Relationship with parks?

Differences between local places and foreign spaces?

6.00 6.28
SONG Raw Gold by Beaty Heart from album Till the Tomb C1 3.24 Mia M – I need to be more sure/confident when introducing songs, again coming from cleared run sheet and practice.
INTERVIEW Back announce song

Beaty Heart is a london based band four-piece video-art and music collective


8.00 Much better transition from song and much more confidant back announce of song. Segway from the song into discussion adds greater flow.
SONG Eildon (demo) – LA Suffocated

Sydney group, founded 2016?

3.01 Better communication with group behind the scenes for the lead up to this song.

Sydney artist, visual and music, upcoming release ‘Shyness’ on Dero Arcade

4.18 Transition between songs seemed disconnected with fade out. Possibly add sting in between or quick introduce of the song.
STING . .30
WRAP UP Back-announce songs and thank guests, preview next week 3.30 Great wrap up conversation flowing much better by this point. Hosts definitely more comfortable conversing. Obviously will improve with more practice.
SONG No Prize – Spotting

7” Being launched on 30th March at Gasomete with Drug Sweat, both on Aarght Records


UP TO 59.33


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