Live to Air!




2.17- Small fumble but great support from Andrea in coming back from it.


2.22- Great transition into song


6.23- Great transition out of song, but some distracting background noise.


6.48- Perfect back announce of song by angie – lots of useful information about her upcoming performances


7.53- Andreas mic seems a bit quite


8.10- Andreas mic volume fixed


10.9- Small amount of interference with guest mic


10.50- Small amount of delay into the next question. Could have been quicker.


11.10- Great question here, showing the importance of the work


11.33- Guest is umming a lot, andrea doing a great job of trying to bring her back well


12.15- Still haven’t heard from Mia yet


12.25- Small amount of silence, brought back well


12.35 – Hearing from mia sounds a little odd after such a long time without hearing from her


14.14- Question could have been formed a little better


15.40- Question wasn’t finished


16.30- Maybe a little too much unnecessary laughing…


17.40- Great exit from interview and great transition into song!!!


17.40- Great interview overall, did drag on a little too long and a little of repetition in content. Could have heard more from Mia. Andrea did a great job of bringing the interviewee back to focus.


28.23- Great transition out of the song


29.00- Nice transition into prerecord. Sound levels are sitting at the right levels


31.30- Slight disruption on the guest mic


32.16- A little confusing going to guest 2 without intro


33.38- More disruption on microphone


34.00- Great interaction with both guests


35.15- A fair bit of background noise in the next few seconds


35.40 – More background noise


41.10- Good reference to how to volunteer


41.24- Bit choppy on the transition, but good amount of support information to follow that interview up.


42.00- Great transition into song


45.25- Another great transition out of the song and great intro into next guest


46.00- Mia did a great job of describing a very visual medium on radio


48.30- Nice job of interviewing guest together as presenters


50.05- Small amount of disruption on guest mic


552.50- Little bit choppy outro, but did a good job of covering and wrapping up.

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