My Fellow Hombres

This week’s addition to the participation checklist was to link out to other student’s blogs, who are also participating in the Networked Media course here at RMIT. I feel a bit like Adrian Miles doing shout outs, but I do like this idea as it gives me the chance to interact with other students online and commend them for some of the great things they are putting out there on the net.

1. This blog post still makes me crack up laughing. God love Tyson our Communications lecturer, but I absolutely agree with Kenton when he says ‘never in my life have I wanted more badly to see two people locked in a room together… Traditional university skeptic and Network Media lecturer Adrian Miles and rigid university practice enforcer and History of Communications lecturer Tyson Wils.’

2. I do feel like a bit of an intruder commenting on this, because this story seems so personal, even the way Michael has introduced his short story entitled Mara implies its ‘auteurist nature’ which reveals ‘great truths about the personality and media consumed by their creators’. But nevertheless, I needed to say something about it. I’ve been pondering on it for a while, trying to think about how I could turn it into a film; however, this is one of the rare stories I don’t think should be pushed into a moving picture form. I think films work best with minimal dialogue and although this story does have limited spoken word, it is predominantly made of ‘thoughts’ and would thus most likely end up as a highly narrated short video. Its pensive and delicate nature lends itself to written form all too well. The only person who could possibly do it justice in an audio/visual format would be Michael himself – probably starring himself as well.

3. Just a general mention of Giorgia, whose blog posts reflect her personality beautifully. She is incredibly complementary and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her openness and honestly is clearly evident in her blog… I’d give her a follow, her posts are consistently interesting and beautifully worded.



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  1. Hmmm what about making a short film or perhaps a music video with all those stories?? that would be great to see


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