Sleeping in and playing Neopets

I decided I should probably try to follow a few more of my peers this week, considering that I will undoubtedly run out of people to mention in my posts if I don’t. Plus I like seeing what others have to say – even if I do end up feeling quite inadequate writing-wise afterwards.

So, I just gave Ellen and Nethaniel a follow…

I actually found Nethaniel’s post ‘Start School Later‘ through Kenton’s post ‘Week 6: What’s the word on the streets? (well blogs)‘ (which made me feel kind of proud of our cohort, I think we’re all starting to get the hang of this blogging thang, we are beginning to create our own discussions, independent of the readings and symposiums in Networked Media).

Anyhow, these posts talked about the ideas of lectures being filmed and put on blackboard so that students can watch them from the comfort of their homes, at whatever time they may want to. Although I don’t think this is the best idea for the social connections we must create to make the most of this course; I completely agree that it would be better for people’s sleeping patterns. For one, the travel to and from uni takes at least one hour out of most people’s day, which could be better used for studying (or sleeping) and most people’s energy levels do not support the 9-5 working/studying style. In fact it is common for adolescents’ energy levels to take a dive mid-afternoon, but then peak at around 7 at night. (This is also mentioned in Nethaniel’s post ‘That Nine to Five Feel‘).

I also wanted to mention Ellen’s post ‘Remember Neopets?‘, purely because I love and miss Neopets as well and will probably end up spending the next 3 hours playing ‘Ice Cream Machine’!

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