Communication is a good key to have on the keychain ;)

aaahhhh the keys

Communication and its importance is something I have always valued very highly but never fully understood. I mean who would though, when we live in an age of social media and technology, who has time to communicate right? I mean I am trying to get this message to you via social media, so what does that say? Maybe thats irony, maybe thats me trying to make a difference. Choice is a topic for another post 😉

I am have seen too many friendships, family connections, jobs lost, experiences missed all because of poor communication. A fear of mine is that the generations coming up will be too afraid to say things to friends and family because they don’t know how to communicate properly. We need intelligence, we need an IQ, but perhaps more importantly we need an EQ, emotional intelligence, and a high one at that.

Why are people so afraid to speak? Don’t get me wrong, I do it all the time, we all do it but I try my best to make a conscious effort to communicate like a proper adult to avoid child-like confrontations. Couples and relationships are the best example. Many times I have been pissed about something my partner has done or said, and I know I have done the same to her, but if you hold that in and don’t communicate if properly the moment it happens it will swing round the earth, gain some serious momentum in the gravitational pull and smack you off your feet.

Communication is a good key to have on the keychain because without it we are lost as humans. If animals can live together in families, hunt prey and look after each other without words then we should not be fighting each other and holding things in for years on end. Learn to communicate your feelings in a way that works for you and you will see your friendships and relationships blossom I promise. It is time as people we took responsibly for how we talk and interact with each other to create a better and friendlier society.


Even Superman Needs A Day Off

sorry planet fitness...

I was chatting to a friend a few months ago and he theorised that in our lifetime we would see a lot of our close friends, family and acquaintances be diagnosed with mild to heavy mental illnesses such as anxiety, stress induced panic attacks, sleep dept, etc. Up until recently I was not sure if I would agree with this statement but it has become so evident to me that may well be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone I know to be diagnosed with anything but the pressures we receive from society in this modern age are forcing us in that direction.

The world does not have the ‘distractions’, horrors and issues it once did such as world war, depression etc and we are intelligent enough to know that we are better off without these things but it means that especially for young people there is a constant pressure and expectation to be a superhero. How are 18, 19 and 2o year olds expected to move out of home, hold a job, pay the rent, maintain healthy relationships, exercise, eat well, get 9 hours of sleep, attend full time university or TAFE, have social fun times and some downtime without going just a little, just a little lint ball sized about of insane. I know I have, and that may not be saying much since people have always said that about me but you get the idea.

This image of the all-star superhero young person is not realistic in the slightest and society needs to recognise this. More specially job managers and teachers need to know this and not be adding more wood to the pressure fire when our youth just need to be cut some slack. Of course excessive use of drugs and alcohol are only going to quicken your demise but the average student who just wants to pass their classes, pay the rent and have some time to have fun these days is generally at risk of joker-like insanity.

For this reason it is important for todays youth to know that it is ok to fail, it is ok to learn a lesson and perhaps most importantly of all we need to learn that we can’t do it ALL. Give yourself a break if you can, enjoy the finer things in life, gather yourself and you mind and live the way that you want to.


hectic skater led

You guys have to check out my mate Jacksons new Facebook page, KNACT. Skater, Designer, Gamer weirdo, this kid has mad skills in all arenas just mentioned, especially the designing one. Check out his page and give it a like and a share, come on, be a gent. Below are some designs he did for me in like 2 seconds. Baller! Yewin!




LEVL Media

LEVL Media

LV+LKE = L^2

(new company logo) LV+LKE = L^2

(copyright KNACT, 2014)



Film: The Escape Of The Imagination – E.C.I

escape to new realities

Doesn’t everyone just love a good film? One often throws a movie on to relax, spend time with friends, to have a laugh or to have a cry. But is there something deeper to this idea of film, the moving image. Lets take the idea of going to the cinema. You purchase your ticket to an experience you can only know so much about, regardless of the reviews you have read, the friends you have spoken to. An official punches your ticket, you enter the portal into a dark room with many chairs for you and your fellow travellers and you take your seat and wait for the cinematic journey to begin. The room goes black, you are surrounded by other humans and speakers only. It is just you and the screen, no other distractions, no time, no even space, just the moving images on a screen.

Does it not sound like I am describing a dream, some portal to another world, or is it just my crazy Flash interpretation. Perhaps, or perhaps there is something more. think that we watch movie, go to the cinema especially to experience something special, an escape to another place, to a world written by a team of geniuses so you can have a taste of what is within their minds.

"I Am Groot"

“I Am Groot”

Take for example the film, Guardians Of The Galaxy which I saw last night, #cheaptuesdays4dddaaayyyyss. This is a great example of creating an entire universe for viewers, getting to know the new, interesting and creative characters, why they act the way they do and how they team up to take down a common enemy. People who have no idea about the Marvel Universe, or don’t even enjoy super hero movies liked this movie because it did all the basic movie principles correctly to create an amazing place to be as a viewer. It is this type of magic that continuously draws us back to the cinema week in week out. Those little kids you see exiting the film jumping around, shooting, kicking, and pretending to fly like the characters they just saw on screen all live inside of us, we just all have a different way of expressing that magic.


Challenge Accepted – The Exciting Tale Of The Potato Peeler

i dare you to read on

The Potato Peeler. Invented in 1874 by Jonathan Diggory, the potato peeler has seen leaps and bounds since its initial inception. With the introduction of the industrial peeler and the Y shaped peeler seen below, chefs and other companies around the globe have frantically attempted to improve their knives and other devices but to no avail as the peeler ascends its way to the top of the utensil food chain.

dat innovation

dat innovation

On ebay you can buy a potato peeler for as little as 1 pound 65 (plus postage and handling) but don’t let the cheap price of these deceptive ninjas fool you. The potato peeler is one of the deadliest utensils in a chefs arsenal. Jamie Oliver was quoted in Lifestyle Food Magazine saying the following statement; “You know like, I really like them potato peelers but they can just really get you, you know? Like I’ll be slicing away and that, before you know it you have sliced half your bloody finger off mate. Gotta watch out for skin sneaking its way into my pasta bake mate.”

"half your bloody finger mate"

“half your bloody finger off mate”

Each year the potato peeler claims the lives of 67000 index fingers and has been fatal in over 2500 cases. Emily Seagate attempted to take one of the major peeler companies, who shall remain nameless, to court over serious allegations of having lost her entire index finger and stating that she was entitled to 2.3million dollars to cover the costs of everyday use of her hand. The case was dropped due to poor attendance and inadequate jury duty volunteers.

All in all the potato peeler is used by almost every cook on the planet. We take for granted the easement of removing skin from vegetables and fail to see the violent nature of the situation. Personally I think we should use peelers but within reason. They can be useful but very dangerous, but then where would we be without the peeler? Don’t egan want to think about that. To conclude the Australian government has shown real independence in a Peeler Protection act in which they will provide peelers to Australian tax payers who earn less than$100,000 p.a. The peelers provided will have a five star safety rating and peeler insurance is included to cover all peeler related injuries. A real step forward for the Abbott government, bought the only useful thing they have done lately. Until next week when we discuss poached egg baskets, authentic or not? Read, share, like!


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