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escape to new realities

Doesn’t everyone just love a good film? One often throws a movie on to relax, spend time with friends, to have a laugh or to have a cry. But is there something deeper to this idea of film, the moving image. Lets take the idea of going to the cinema. You purchase your ticket to an experience you can only know so much about, regardless of the reviews you have read, the friends you have spoken to. An official punches your ticket, you enter the portal into a dark room with many chairs for you and your fellow travellers and you take your seat and wait for the cinematic journey to begin. The room goes black, you are surrounded by other humans and speakers only. It is just you and the screen, no other distractions, no time, no even space, just the moving images on a screen.

Does it not sound like I am describing a dream, some portal to another world, or is it just my crazy Flash interpretation. Perhaps, or perhaps there is something more. think that we watch movie, go to the cinema especially to experience something special, an escape to another place, to a world written by a team of geniuses so you can have a taste of what is within their minds.

"I Am Groot"

“I Am Groot”

Take for example the film, Guardians Of The Galaxy which I saw last night, #cheaptuesdays4dddaaayyyyss. This is a great example of creating an entire universe for viewers, getting to know the new, interesting and creative characters, why they act the way they do and how they team up to take down a common enemy. People who have no idea about the Marvel Universe, or don’t even enjoy super hero movies liked this movie because it did all the basic movie principles correctly to create an amazing place to be as a viewer. It is this type of magic that continuously draws us back to the cinema week in week out. Those little kids you see exiting the film jumping around, shooting, kicking, and pretending to fly like the characters they just saw on screen all live inside of us, we just all have a different way of expressing that magic.


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