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"because the world is run by the man"

Why is work, much of the time so shit? I’ll tell you what is worse than working is looking for work. Sending out resumes every 2 minutes, writing thousands of cover letters and then you hear back from maybe 2 businesses if you are lucky. Why is it that so many jobs have such specific requirements. I want to have a go and learn in that industry, but I need 3 licenses and need to know how to rewire the whole company network incase the electrician is sick one day…I mean really.

all I hear

all I hear

It is at this point in time that most students and young people realise they will do almost anything to get a job. ANYTHING! You start out with pride and ambitions, you want a good job that you will enjoy, has flexible hours and a great pay rate. HA! Any second year student or adult for that matter will simply laugh in your face. BUT, you continue to pursue because you have that one stupid annoying friend who has the dream job. They are a door to door salesman that gets paid stupid amounts, or a photographer who sets his own hours and rates. BULLSHIT REF! Eventually though you get a job offer from you 157th preference and you take it out of fear that you may not get anymore offers and definitely no more money from your parents.

The system we have in place just doesn’t seem to function well does it? So many people working jobs that they hate and jobs being so hard to obtain in the first place. Granted, all of us can be a little lazy and not apply for a few days etc but in the end its just so frustrating. Photographers will amazing skill sets for example can find it near impossible to get a paid gig so they end up working behind a coffee machine for the next 5 years. Not ok.

That being said, we all need to do some hard yards at some point. If you have to get up at 6 everyday so be it. We keep working that so we can go on spending so we in turn can go on working. It is all about how you work around it, stick it to the mana and find a job and system that works for you. Now I have acquired almost 3 jobs that work in with my week and my skills and soon I shall have enough money to expand my media business. Go inspire someone with your decisions 🙂


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