Outside Collaboration

Student collaboration has made many of our projects possible. I’ve found that working with people within the class is normally a lot easier than getting friends to help you out. My fellow classmates understand why it might take a long time to set up a certain shot etc. However, when I got some old friends outside of RMIT Media to help me out they seemed to get impatient. Furthermore, by helping out other students in ‘A Scene’ we all gain knowledge on each others chosen disciplines. This results in us learning about particular aspects of filmmaking that we might not of otherwise. We can take this knowledge, apply it to our chosen area of study and hopefully improve our work. I remember being influenced by one of Sams scenes where he staged out the thing proficiently using tape and this resulted in me actually going out and buying hi-vis film tape for staging and focus pulls.

When I shot my sensor size experiment I got my girlfriend and a close friend to help me out. They were awesome and very helpful. However, I feel as if they didn’t understand why it was taking so long and appeared somewhat impatient. Which resulted in me feeling pressured to hurry along ultimately damaging the quality of the work. I know if I had gotten Sam and Matt to assist me, whether they were acting or helping me with the camera, I wouldn’t of felt that pressure as they understand that quality takes time. The collaboration between us three has really made the semester a lot easier. They are the ones that helped me out last-minute when my other helpers couldn’t make it anymore. As a bonus they are both actually pretty good in front of the camera. Some people just don’t look good doing certain simple things such as walking and running. Sam and Matt don’t look awkward at all and seem to move about the room/outside space in a natural way. My only regret in terms of collaboration is offering my help to more people. I’m always happy to help out and I like seeing what other people are working on.

I hope everyone in the studio have made some connections so in the future if they need a helping hand they can comfortably ask for it.

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