Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

I don’t use a lot of keyboard shortcuts for editing with Adobe Premiere. I think learning to use shortcuts will speed up my editing process and result in more fluency with the software. I do use some shortcuts for basic and generic functions such as:

  • CMD+S  –> Saves current project
  • CMD + N  –> New Sequence
  • CMD + T –> New title
  • CMD+I –> Import media
  • CMD+X –> Cut
  • SHIFT+CMD+Z –> Redo
  • CMD+C –> Copy
  • CMD+V –> Paste
  • C –> Razor tool
  • V –> Selection tool
  • A –> Track select tool
  • P –> Pen tool
  • Z –> Zoom tool
  • B –> Ripple edit tool
  • Return –> Render

A neat shortcut that I learnt today is the Play Around shortcut which is SHIFT + K which automatically plays a couple of seconds of video from your timeline and then back to the point you were at. It’s a great way to have a quick look at what the footage is looking like.

Another handy shortcut and feature I learnt is CMD + SHIFT + E which exports a frame as an image which could be handy if I want to show someone what I’m working on or to create a thumbnail.

A very simple shortcut which I am surprised I haven’t really used is pressing the arrows keys to move between edit points on the time line.

This exercise of going through Premiere keyboard shortcuts has resulted in me learning new techniques and quicker methods of editing. I will be using more keyboard shortcuts in the future as I edit videos.


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