Bendigo Cutaways

Here is a small video of some of the cutaway shots I captured in Bendigo.

I got footage of the site where the mosque will be built, general shots of Bendigo and shots of different religious buildings such as the Catholic Cathedral and the Buddhist Joss House. The shots aren’t perfect and even if I don’t use them all it was good practice. I’ve learnt that I need to be careful with focus as sometimes it may look OK through the camera but then I see it on the big screen and its a bit soft. Furthermore I made the mistake of not using a tripod alot of these shots which was due to me stupidly leaving it in my dads car.

For this I used a Canon 7D. I decided to use a DSLR because for recording the protest I’m going to need something that is small in size and portable as I’m going to be moving around through large crowds. So I used it for the cutaway shots too for continuity purposes.



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